Can we hear it for frontier support?

I've been dealing with Frontier support lately.

Can I just say, for a company that isn't getting an ongoing payment from me, they've gone above and beyond trying to solve an issue that's probably not even anything to do with their software. They've got back to me 6 different times with (actually quite good) suggestions on things to try to try and get ED working properly again on my PC – a PC!

PCs as we all know are kept in trolls fetid basements strewn with mouldy pizza boxes and cans of monster, with swarms of flies buzzing around the filthy conditions. They're often assembled out of broken parts smeared with jam and sourced off ebay from down the back of a meth addicts sofa, like some sort of sticky drunken lego puzzle.

And these guys are plugging away every day, trying to get these mystery assemblages of potentially incompetent strangers dodgy electronics working right over email. It must be a thankless task.

Now, in fairness, they haven't managed to solve my problem, but then I've worked with PCs for over 20 years and I haven't either.

So a shoutout to Support Agents Rosetta, Ikaros, Viking, JUICE and Vostok for all their helpful suggestions.

Also, I think I have to buy more parts for my dodgy PC.

Have you any stories of any stupid self-inflicted problems that frontiers support managed to solve for you?


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