Can we just talk about this whole Ceb and MidorMeepo drama?

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First let me start by saying that this is by no means a defence of OG or anything. Infact I am glad that OG are not at the major after how they have conducted themselves recently. I know that Ceb has overreacted to the whole situation and it is a bit hypocritical of him to be offended at Secret twitter's messages when he has been tipping and chatwheeling players as a mental game.
But seriously there is something wrong with this MidorMeepo guy. For instance 2 or even 3 tweets mocking OG's season since yesterday is ok, but 8 tweets in less than 24 hours is a bit too much from a fellow DPC team. This guy is supposed to promote Secret on social media yet he is not only sharing private DM between Ceb and himself, but also using Team Secret's twitter account to further his private agenda against people on OG.

For people who are not fully aware these are all the tweets sent from the Secret twitter since last night game of OG vs Liquid –

He has also been using his personal account to share private messages and start a whole drama out of literally nothing.

Personally for me, I have no love for OG but anyone who thinks Ceb overreacted massively but doesnt think MidorMeepo crossed the limit is simply letting the OG hatred blind them.


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