Can we make the custom card ban a permanent thing?

witcher gwent cards

I feel custom cards are not appropriate for this sub. The whole point of having subreddits is to divide and present relevant content. Why don't you scroll past if you don't like the posts is a very ignorant argument. It's like letting people posting fantasy football in normal football related subreddits and asking them to scroll past if they don't like it. Subs have content rules so that we don't have to "scroll past" things we're not here for.

Custom card posts encourage low effort content for 2 reasons:

  1. It is extremely easy to create them with gwentcard**.**online website.
  2. It is hard to categorize them as low effort/high effort content.

Given this subs experience with overestimating the playability of cards, we can't simply read and decide a card is good or bad. Hence it is damn near impossible to moderate low effort cards.

Discussing custom cards, arguing their viability/balance adds nothing to the actual game of gwent. We know these cards aren't usable by devs/designers. If anything, it limits their overall creative freedom. They may decide not to include an actual good card ability when they find out someone already had that idea. Giving credit and using the idea would only lead to more and more people spamming cards to get their name on some playgwent website custom card leaderboard and arguments over who get's the credit for similar cards etc. It's a path no sensible game devs want to take.

There is an entire dedicated sub for custom cards called r/CustomGwent . People who actually like viewing or creating custom cards can simply join the sub where they can enjoy the best of both worlds. People who don't like them will simply not join it. Everybody wins. People who disagree , let us discuss in the comments.


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