Can we PLEASE pressure the devs to fix the stupid spawn system?

It's absolutely insane that you can spawn in the corner of the map, with nowhere to go and with people spawned to both of your sides with a clear sight of your only route into the raid. The NE corner spawn of Reserve is the absolute worst one, but the NW spawn on Woods is also idiotic. People constantly complain about many things that matter less. There is nothing more infuriating than being cheesed because you got unlucky with your spawn, and there is nothing more demotivating from playing Tarkov than getting a good spawn, knowing that you're in a position to cheese a neighbouring spawn and then getting the kill.

The spawn locations need to be either manually revised or re-coded so as to be more random, with checks in place to make sure nobody spawns too close to each other, nobody spawns in/near a "sniper's nest" that would allow them to spawnkill others and nobody spawns on top of AI. It's not that hard, but if the devs can't even do that much they can just manually disable corner spawns and improve on the current spawn logic. I don't care that they plan to change the way we travel the world in the future – currently we play the game with these spawns and they need to be fixed.

Some people are too pepega to understand how broken the current spawn system is and how much can be improved, but they usually use the same NPC-like talking points, so here are some INB4s:

INB4-1: random spawns are bad because of proximity to loot, objectives and exits.
Answer: the current spawns are already biased with respect to loot, objectives and exits. This is not a valid argument here.

INB4-2: random spawns are bad because it can lead to OP spawns with access to sightlines that allow spawnkilling.
Answer: that is literally already the case, so this is not a valid argument here. But not only can the issue of sightlines be easily averted with good coding, the fact that the spawns are random means you wouldn't even know that you have an available sightline to spawnkill someone else were that to happen.

INB4-3: the current system is good, nobody is complaining so you should stop complaining.
Answer: No it's not. There's nothing tactical, skillful or hardcore about spawnkilling someone. This is one of the saddest strats that exist in Tarkov alongside exit camping and hatchet running. If you unironically defend the current spawn system you should feel bad about having to rely on cheesing to get through the game. Also, streamers have complained about spawns in the past, whether it's Customs or Reserve.


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