Can we revert the sound to where it was 3 or 4 wipes ago?

Honestly the sound in game right now is horrible. If you are on a different level as someone you can hear anything. Im not meaning in the basement of ultra and hearing someone in Oli. But when you are at the top of escalators and you dont hear the pack of elephant sprinting up the metal stairs until they hit the last step. Or just the random silent footsteps while walking down a hall. You hear them, then they go silent but they are still moving. My favorite is the silent stairs in resort. Magically they are below you moving, then next to you because they sprinted up stairs. I love the new content push! This is my 7th wipe i think. But please set a couple people aside and fix the sound problems please! Its so infuriating when i have the upperhand in a fight and lose because silent footsteps. I know its not just me because most of my buddies have played the same amount or more and are having the same problems.

TLDR: sound is broken beyond broken. Revert it back to when it worked.


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