Can we reword some abilities?

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Right now, a lot of abilities have been reworded to only trigger with a specific faction's cards/units. This has the effect that Nilfgaard bricks hard when it copies those cards (whether from Double Cross, Coup de Grace, Cantarella, Informant, etc). I think that in some of these cases, the ability could be reworkes to read "from YOUR faction", instead of "from X faction". For example, Queen Adalia could allow copying a bronze NG unit if copied by Coup de Grace. I think this change to should also apply to Caranthir, Call of the Forest, Blaze of Glory, Inspired Zeal, and Pincer Maneuver.

This change would not apply to cards like Isengrim's Council or Harald the Cripple, since their text is more specific. It would also not allow NG to use the various 2-for-8 special tutors, either.

Also, I think that Coup de Grace should have its provision go up to 10. It's a bit strong for what it does.

What do you think? A smattering of buffs and a slight nerf affecting mainly assimilate.


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