Can we still talk about the Grenade Launcher?

I still feel like this needs to be brought up on a regular basis to get the attention of the devs. It is till the most ridiculous thing in the game (along side sun shotgun). Nikitas mindset for the game to be hard is such a lame ass excuse for this gun. Impossible to counter does not make it “hard”. And IT IS impossible to counter. The only way you survive is if the player completely whiffs his shot or you get lucky. If you know someone has a GL, you don’t challenge that person…you run the opposite direction….I am truly baffled that they insist this is good for the game. I don’t care if .1% of players use it. If something is ridiculously overpowered it shouldn’t be in the game. Just like how every other game ever has functioned….

And yes I did just die to it in back to Back lab raids without knowing the dude had a GL….

And yea same with star shotgun lol


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