Can we talk about Raiders?

I am curious as to what the rest of the community thinks about raider AI at this point in the game. Nikita wants to make the game hard and let me tell ya, raiders are fcking hard to deal with and sometimes, they are impossible to deal with…

Been maining labs for about a month now. Think I’ve died equally to raiders as I’ve died to players. Which has really made me change my play style, which isn’t a bad thing either. Just there are some instances where I just feel like I got cheated. The fact that AI will always clearly see you is already a huge disadvantage on a map that can be difficult to see enemies.

Just recently I was running a 1.7+ mil kit with slick and fast mt/slaap armour. Killed 2 pmcs and a few raiders, wanted to loot them but there was another raider across the room. So I jiggle peaked shot at him and hit him in the shoulder immediately as his first shot head eyesed me.

Now could I have played it differently? I suppose. I wouldn’t be lying if I felt a little less vulnerable with the gear I had on but, I just think the way you SHOULD play against raiders really takes away from the game experience AT TIMES.

There’s been times where there’s 4+ unlooted bodies in the middle of the main room but there are 4 more raiders overlooking it and it’s like…what do I do now? Loot the kills that I deserve and risk dying to these aim locking raiders?

So with all that said, do you guys feel that raider AI is in a good spot and I am just a bad player? Cause I’d love to know. And if the consensus is I’m a bad player, I’m sorry I wasted your time 😂


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