Can we talk about the Resort audio again?

I am NOT here to say I should hear people 2 floors down and 3 rooms over doing ANYTHING except yelling/fighting. It's an empty building but that's not how sound works in real life. We know the audio is fucked, especially in East. I'm really not even complaining about that, but I will complain about the stairwells. If you've seen them, you understand they are open. By this I mean you can look down or up several flights and there is open space between the stairs. These aren't some closed-off, back of the house hotel stairwells. But even if they were, you can hear people clomping up and down them.

So my beef is this, a 200lbs+ dude in full battle-rattle is sprinting 10 feet away from me in an open stairwell made of concrete and metal, but I can't detect him with audio until he is standing on the same horizontal plane as me?!? For fucks sake, select the entire stairwell's space and remove the audio barriers that are clearly placed at each landing.

This is trash. GG to the dude with better armour and less freakout surprise spasm because we were both caught with our pants down. I'm sure he didn't hear a single move I was making either.


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