Can we talk about the state of Labs?

I remember when Labs was free in my first wipe, then it was decided that free access to Labs got people too much high-end gear (we are talking HK416s and Gen4 assaults realistically.) So they added the Labs keycard.

At first it was a 100k entry fee so you could realistically enter labs with a risk from 300k-400k (including gear), this made Labs viable for money as it still felt like going Labs was a risk, but one with a relatively high potential for profit if you played it right.

Now because of overpowered bitcoin miners, the vast majority are running slicks and 7n31 vectors, far superior gear to the stuff you can get from Labs raiders.
Meanwhile Labs is effectively a dead map because of the 200-400k entry fee and reputation as a cheater infested map.

I used to love running Labs in the past wipes, but now with the entry fee ranging from 200-400k I just don't find it viable. You'll be risking around 400-500k per raid (including gear) so unless you play Labs solely to rush static spawns, you're unlikely to profit the few times you survive.

Now even when I find a Labs keycard, I'd rather just sell i on Flea for 400k than bother going into a Labs raid, I have only been on Labs twice this entire wipe. This is a great shame because Labs is a genuinely unique map with potential for some really fun firefights. I hope that there is something that can be done to restore Labs to it's former glory, and would love to hear what the community has to say.


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