Can’t wait for update 8 xD!

New srv, settlement missions, fixed atmosphere.

Yes there's still a ton of issues- and you will express them as if we haven't read them before.

Idc right now, i'm just pumped for it all. I'm absolutely loving the new lighting effect of the atmospheres, i can't wait to see how it looks when entering the planet from orbit. Can't wait to visit some already good looking worlds i've come across.. Improved.

And that srv! I've built my explora-krait 2 a few months ago, i was this close to going into the dark.. But word of that new srv, i parked and waited. And i'm glad we're now days away! I cannot wait to learn the new handling. To hear the new sounds it has (hopefully new!). To learn it's characteristics and limitations. I hope it looks cool!

Settlement missions!!!!! YES! I can finally put away my glorious bil cred cutter, and take a smoll, viper4 and roleplay as a not so rich mercenary. Completely avoiding expansive star ports and live the life of a outlander. Finally there will be some logic in finding "dirty" jobs in a place where maybe there is no security vs a freaken state of the art star port/base.

Odyssey is getting there.. It's raising my hopes for it's future. And appetizing my patience. The only thing i'd hope for, but know will likely never happen.. Is crossplay. I have 1 friend i really play with. But dang would this game be sick to play it with them.


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