card reveals afterthoughts #12 – the last stretch

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

every card is strong while hyped, do you think the same the day after? that's why i wanted to share my thoughts about them after getting a good night of sleep to think about them.

premises: 1) the only experience i have playing ST is spellatael and a few elves games 2) i dislike most st decks.

you can find the new cards here.

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-megascope: 4p artifact, pick a bronze allied unit, after 2 turns spawn a base copy on the right of megascope.

this card is actually nice for engine overload decks, don't listen to anyone who tell you it sucks on short round 3, it's a 4p card that can spawn a 6p bronze engine, it's actually really good in the right deck as second or third play in r1 or 2 as it take time to activate.

-whisperer of dol blathanna: 3p5p, veil, counter 1, whenever you play a special card spawn copy of self on this row and remove a counter.

st version of kikimore warrior, if it sticks it's a bunch of points, if it doesen't the opponent used a removal, you can actually get more in a single turn if you play more than 1 special if you do any special chaining and/or use mahakam forge.

-francesca findabair: 7p10p, veil, counter 3, when you play a special card remove a counter, when counter reach 0 spawn and play a doomed copy of the last special card you played.

-best targets: oneiromancy, heatwave, coc, call of the forest, isengrim council, justice, shaping nature, rockslide.

at first i thought it was a slower stephan since it would copy the last card you played, instead it's a powercreep version of stephan as it can spawn any special card, not only tactics, so you can have the best tutors and removals of the game at your disposal, it also have veil and can easily be procced a turn later in multiple ways.

final verdict: an incredible card for spellatael and it actually surprise me it's only 10p, i can see it being provision nerfed in the future if it become too dominant, oh, and will be the bane of any player who can't count their specials to 3, losing them the game instead of winning it.

thanks for reading up to this point, sorry if it's a bit short but i couldn't think properly with world masters going and the revealed balance changes, no promises but i was thinking of making a post about all the new cards and changes that can or will impact nr.


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