card reveals afterthoughts #8 – rience & dead man’s thoungue

the witcher and ciri gwent

every card is strong while hyped, do you think the same the day after? that's why i wanted to share my thoughts about them after getting a good night of sleep to think about them.

premises: 1) ng is my 3rd most played faction 2) i don't particularly hate the faction 3) fuck the empire since i started playing thronebreaker.

you can find the new cards here.

previous episodes: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7.

-dead man's thongue: 7p spell: banish a card from your deck and boost an allied unit by thar card's provision cost, if the banished card was a bronze banish another bronze and boost the same unit by that card's provision cost.

similar cards: vigo + doggos/brigade.

the best strength of this card is the unconditional ability of thinning 2 bad cards out of your deck on r1/2 or getting some value from the golds you didn't draw in r3.

but, one of it's strongest aspect is denying value from mentors vs cloggers in r3 or removing a gold you got from yenvo but don't want to play.

final verdict: it's basically an 8 for 7 + 2 thin special in most situations but can get more value depending on the situation, most ng decks will play it, especially any hyperthin. nice addition to nr btw.

-rience: 5p13p, deploy: look at the top 3 units of your deck, move one to your graveyard then destroy an enemy unit with power equal to that unit's power. order: set the power of a unit equal to the number of cards in your deck.

best power to provision ratio for higher power targets

6: elder bear, assire, auckes.

7: tortoise, nilfgaardian knight, fergus, warrit.

8: letho of gulet.

deck tech: rico.

card synergy: anything that need to be protected and anything that can setup it's deploy.

this cards is succeptibly stronger than what we initially thought, most of it's deploy best targets are in the 4 to 6 range, more on the 5p curve, and some pesky 7, just think about it, whoreson junior is 5, harald is 5, gellert 5, drill 5, gezras 5, keldar is between 4 and 6, ciri: dash is 5, defenders are all 7 apart from SY, then a few 6 like jaques, viraxas can be a 6 or a 7.

AND you're getting a thin out of it, then you have the order ability, while everyone was talking of it as a finisher in r3 for hyperthin i got enlightened after reading it again after reading it again this morning, it's ANY unit, even on your side, now it have way more applications even in r1 or 2 when you want to thin to draw all your good cards, you have 15 cards left in your deck after the first 10, you thin 1 and you have left 14 cards, then you play a card you want to protect and use the order on it, setting it's power to 14, helge? check, damien or stefan? check, the mage assassin you just thinned? check! that's a +11! vattier? check. for r3 the uses are still the same, boost to 8 without any additional thin gained, 9+ if you played 1 or more echo cards, or just nerf something to 3 or less if you're hyperthin.

if you're still not convinced that this card isn't as garbo as potrayed by reddit here some meta targets depending on the decks.

SY: the bros are 4, 5 or 7, jaques is 6, whoreson is 5, drill is 5, cleaver is 5 to 7 after being played, jackals are 4, 6 or 7 on the first spend.

MO: defender is 7, nithral is 5 or 8, ciry is 5, 8 or 9, obv you only have a single turn to kill them before more buffs come their way, slizard and barbegazi are 5 and 6 before consuming.

SK: harald is 5, heist is 4 or 5 depending if used in r2 or r3, bear witcher is 5 before healing, 7 after church order, coral is 6.

NR: most witchers are 4 to 6 depending on the round and the carryover, margarita can be 6 or 7 in witchers, if the order is left floating is a nice target, foltest is 6, defender is 7, anseis is 4, 5 or 7, seltkirk is 7 in shieldwall, viraxas is 6 or 7, baron is 6 or 7.

ST: eithne is 6, gezras is usually 5, 6 or 7, pavko is 5 or 6, dunka is 4, 6 or 8 in the target range, hamadriad 4, 6 or 8, defender is 5.

NG: i don't know, just heatwave the ball, or bleed it/ the aristocrats, ng identity now is ball + quadruple joachim.

final verdict: we got bamboozled, moligion was right, there's more to it that what we thought, but i don't think it's a good addition to any existing deck, it need a dedicated one to shine since you need to be able to have the unit with the right power on top of your deck, and since you can use the order defensively maybe hyperthin isn't the right answer. maybe enslave? an addition to old elderbears? since you can play helge and firescorpion they can be used to setup the deply. this card is way better than what i thought yesterday, with all it's faults i feel it have enough potential to shine, counting the deploy vs a 5 if used in r1 then order without any additional thin it's likely a 23 or 24 for 13 + 1 thin + possible engine removal value, not that bad.

thanks for reading up to this point, for lyria and rivia.


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