Card Text Modding Guide

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!!!Back up your game files before trying this yourself!!!

With this guide you'll be able to change most aspects of a card's text , mainly the name of the card and the flavour text, this, combined, with modding the voice files and art, allows you to effectively create a new card entirely.


  • A zip/rar file extractor.
  • A text file editor, any will do.
  • If modding the art you'll need UABE and an image editor like Photoshop
  • If modding the voice files you'll need everything listed in the prerequisites of this guide

Step 1:

In GwentGwent_DataStreamingAssets, find and copy the 'data_definitions' file and paste it in a new folder outside the game folder.

Step 2:

Rename the data_definitions file to (you will need to have file name extensions enabled in windows to be able to change it to zip)

Now extract the zip's contents to a folder.

Step 3:

In the localization folder that you just extracted, change the file extension on en-us.csv to .txt and open it.

Step 4:

Ctrl+F and search for the name of the card you want to change. You can freely change it, in my example I changed Vanadáin's card to Riordain. The flavour text is above the name, you can also freely change this text. When finished editing the text, save the file and change the file extension back to .csv.

Step 5:

Open up the file, go into the localization folder, delete the en-us.csv file inside and add your newly edited en-us.csv file. Close the zip file.

Step 6:

Remove the .zip extension from the file so it has no file extension, then replace the original data_definitions file with your new one.

Step 7:

Test in game, make sure it's working, and you're done!


If you also want to change the art, I recommend following u/bbbmods guide here. If you want to change the voice lines, follow my other tutorial here.


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