Cards consistency for going from round x to round y

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Hello everyone,

I stumbled across a lot of Meditating Mages decks with a homebrewn NG list. Now keep in mind I am not pressing nerfs onto MM on itself, but I am really wondering why a status like Vitality is not removed from a card when it transitions from say R1 to R2 or R3.

Boosts get removed. I dont specifically know about stuff like Bleeding but from a gameplay perspective it always felt detrimental if anything other than the Resilience tag alone was preserved.

Had someone play beeing able to get 3 MM out in the last 4 cards of R1, so it went rather brutal in terms of points and all that and I wasnt giving up to fight. But seeing all three MM keeping their Vitality into the next round just made me vomit. Isnt it already enough that there's a bronze, spammable resilience card? Does it really need to keep Vitality for the next 4-5 cards played, making it almost impossible to fight not only MM itself but the vitality they keep onto the next round? Like what?

I dont want to sit here and scream "BUTCHER MM" but I can't really see why Vitality is not lost after a round-transition, making it a lot better to play against MM in a crucial R2.

Any thought?


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