cards reveals afterthoughts #13 – tissaia de vries, aretuza student and dwimveandra

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every card is strong while hyped, do you think the same the day after? that's why i wanted to share my thoughts about them after getting a good night of sleep to think about them.

premises: 1) i'm an nr main so i know the faction well enough 2) i'm totally biased for nr.

you can find the new cards here

yesterday we got some really good cards and one of them can have more implications than we initially thought depending on how the interaction is played out.

-dwimveandra: 4p5p, human, mage, deploy (melee) set an allied scenario to the final chapter, deploy (ranged) refresh the order of an allied location.

devs already explained that the melee deploy ability set the scenario to the final chapter BUT does not activate it, that mean we need to have an additional card to be able to do it.


-NG: an additional poison or a clog, nice for scenario, bad/situational for location.

-NR: bombardment or 3 carryover, NR like it's devotion though so it's hard to include it AND siege decks don't play that many siege engines.

-MO: i would say a straight no, a noonwraith or 2 points in 2 bodies? an the faction already have better ways to use the provisions.

-SY: location is nice as you can get an additional maraal effect but it's straight bad on passi, as you need 5 turns to do everything (passi + 2 blindeyes + dwimveandra + blindeye), why would you skip the first effect as coins are straight more valuable than points?

-ST: 1 more waylay (bad) or 3 more movements (bad), just don't, i don't think we will even get a deck on ST that can use both artifacts and this card.

-SK: i think the card have the best value with SK, 9 points with location (nice), due to self-wound effects it's kinda easy to find good targets for the heal and mardroeme is 8/9 points on armor, 9 on shield (geralt quen) or 12 on dracoturtle, and since druid decks are not meta you have a better freedom with provisions to test things out.

final verdict: it looks cool and all but in the end it's pretty slow and most locations don't have abilities worth enough to spend 5 or 10 provisions for refreshing and it's too slow to be impactful on scenarios, is worth trying on SK though.

-aretuza student: 4p4p, human, mage, patience, order(ranged): boost an allied unit by [0]

we got a ban ard student 2.0, the card is not a must have because it's boost instead of damage, less valuable in comparison but it doesn't have a cap either (student is capped by the best value card the opponent play) so you just wait and wait until the last turn and profit. i think this card can be the sobstitute kerack marine for non-devotion decks, it's definetly slower but have a better ceiling and it's more difficult to remove.

final verdict: pretty nice card, can be used in addition to ban ard or a 1-1 split between the two, i don't think using a double copy of both is worth it as they're incredibly slow and a good alternative to kerack marine if you want to go non-devotion.

-tissaia de vries: 6p12p, human, mage, deply: at the end of this turn reset the order of all allied mages that used their order this turn.

this card can be nice, ok or broken depending on how the end of turn deploy ability works out.

IF the ability activate before patience proc it's really nice as you can use all your orders and keep loading them, it's ok if the deploy activate after end of turn abilities (same as portal) as you won't have 1 more turn of patience but the orders are active again and can be pretty broken if it respect the activation order.

let me explain: cards activates from left to right, front row to back row, in this case you could play gerhart on the left most position in the front row AND tissaia on the right of gerhart after you used his order, end of turn goes and the old man still have his previous provision number while all the other mages patience keep growing. IT'S REALLY BAD! you might say, well, how about you can get a triple tall removal? triple twat? triple stammelford? obv all of that is with viraxas but twat is a +12 each, stammelford can be up to +18 each, tall removal are always nice, a bit of an high scenario and most of the time people will play it for a 4-5 points card, still huge points potential.

final verdict: depending on how the mage archetype get flashed out this card can be godly or absolutely garbage, nice points potential though and margarita is a mage so at least you get a double lock out of it.

thanks for reading up to this point and feel free to share your thoughts, have a nice day.


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