Casual mode

witcher gwent cards

I know this is probably a common complaint but honestly you people playing lined pockets in casual can honestly f**k yourselves. Just played 5 games in a row against it in unranked. Laughable how you people clearly lack the skill to win with this deck in ranked against decks of similar power level so you have to resort to casual to get some wins against people trying to have fun with meme or off-meta decks.

Honestly there should be some kind of report button or karma system where you can flag people doing this & then the algorithm could match these sad people against each other & then match people with good ‘karma’ against each other maybe 🤷🏽‍♂️ even if it meant longer matchmaking times I’d take it lol. Just to make it clear I don’t have an issue with the deck itself and have played it plenty in ranked, just can’t get my head around it being played in casual when it’s clearly the best deck in the game. Rant over lol.


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