Casual’s opinion and question about current state of Gwent

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Preamble; my opinions are just that and if I say anything that you think is outright wrong then please feel free to correct and disagree with me in the comments.

I feel like the game is kinda starting to go the way of Hearthstone, where every single expansion/major patch feels like the devs are trying to force more powerful cards in to keep the game interesting and engaging. Done by either giving cards with same/similar effects plainly better numbers or by feature-creeping. At least unlike Hearthstone this game's card acquisition is fair and I don't feel like I am constantly getting my fun blocked by another 200 bucks paywall. That paywall was also the main reason why I quit playing Hearthstone …

So yeah, right now I am playing mainly two decks. White Frost (Devotion Wild Hunt) and Imperial Formation (locking enemies down and using soldiers). Whenever I queue into a match it feels like a coinflip.

Do I queue into a FOTM meta deck that my opponent copy-pasted off a website?

Yes : Proceed to lose due to the enemy deck just being plainly superior (especially painful when playing my Devotion – White Frost deck into relic decks…)

No : Have a nice and interesting match.

Now here's the dumb question to y'all who are really up-to-date with all the news regarding this game and where it's going. Have the devs said ANYTHING about maybe stopping the release of new cards at some point in the future and just focusing on balance? Or at least shifting the main focus onto balancing?

Gwent has never been my main-game but I would really hate for it to follow the self-destructive path of Hearthstone. 🙁


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