Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

Our Beloved Anna At 7p Right Now Is Just Absolutely Ridiculous, Laughable Really. At This State She Should Really Be 5 Provisions At Most. Just Look At Other Sensational 7p (or Less) Cards In The Roster Such As Freakshow And The Rest And You'll Realize Just How Far Down The Gutter Anna Actually Is.

She Is Powercrept By Her Own BRONZE Allies, Let Alone MUCH BETTER Comparable Units From Other Factions, i.e MELUSINE CULTISTS (5P).

The Aretuza Adepts Are Only 5p And Can Easily Boost Themselves By 1 to 17 Points Per Turn, Whereas Anna Is Limited To Just Max Potential 2 Point Boosts Per Turn (1+1 Adjacent), And That Double Benefit Is Only Gotten IF She's Inspired. Needless To Say, Movement Can Also Easily Disrupt Anna's Effectiveness Too, Requiring 2 Adjacent Units At All Times To Be Fully Effective…

Anna As Only A 4 Power Engine Unit Is Also Super Fragile. HECK, She Even Dies To BLOODY BOMBS. Literally Anything Erases Her Out Of Existence. At 7 Provisions, For An Engine To Be This Weak, In Terms Of Survivability And Effectiveness Is Terribly Unacceptable.


Since She's So Vulnerable At Current State, INCREASE Her Base Power To 7. This Will Ensure She Manages To Survive Almost All Low-Midrange Removal Cards In The Game, Including Decoction, Parasite, Delirium Etc. She Would Still Remain Susceptible To Things Like Rockslide Or TWAT However.

It Is Also Important To Realize That Even If She Does Survive Her First Turn On The Board, She Usually Just Gets Dealt With In Other Ways Such As Being Locked, Moved, Poisoned, Bountied, Ruptured Or Even Outright SEIZED. In Order To Prevent Any Of This Happening, She Needs To Be Given IMMUNITY. This Ensures Her Ability Is Not Impeded And Your Passive Boosting Game-plan Can Go Forth According To Plan. Provided Of Course She Has Surviving Adjacent Units To Boost. This Immunity Will Force The Opposition To Think Outside The Box In Order To Stop Anna's Work And They Will No Longer Be Able To Use Cheap BS Tech Cards That Previously Were Able To Render Her Useless Or Even Turn Her Against You. By Lore, Due To Her Having The Mysterious Glowing Hand Glyph, It Is A Sure Sign Of Attaining A Special Ability Such As That Of Immunity.

Her Passive Boosting Of +1 Right Unit And + 1 Adjacent Units (If Inspired) Is Too Low For A 7p Card. Just Doesn't Cut It These Days. SK Messenger Players Wouldn't Even Bat An Eyelid To An Opposing Strenger On Board. You Have Cards Like Foltest Effortlessly Generating 5 Point Engine Value, Mistress Potentially 10 + Points Per Turn And The Aforementioned AA's Gaining Up To What, 17 Points Per Turn??!!. COME ON! Even Puts SAUL Of Novigrad To Shame, Coming To Think Of It. SOLUTION: Give Her Passive Boosting Of +2 Right Unit or +2 Adjacent Units (If Inspired) At Turn End Instead. This Would Allow Her Passive Engine Value To Better Keep Up With Ridiculous Amounts Of Point Slam Or Stand A Chance Of Competing With Other Rivaling Damage/Boosting Engines In The Current State Of Gwent.

Please Note That The Fact That Strenger Would Now Have Immunity Means That Achieving The Inspired Condition Would Become Slightly More Difficult (Being Unable To Target Her To Boost Her) Conventionally) So The Inspired Benefit Of +2 Adjacent Units Is Further Justified. Like A Feeling Of Satisfaction Pay Off For Attaining Her Inspired Reward Via Unorthodox Boosting Techniques.

The Reworked Anna Strenger Card Would Also Have A Profound Effect In Aiding Other Fragile NR Engine Cards To Better Survive Instant Removal Upon Being Played – Something Which NR Has Been Super Susceptible To In The Past. These Changes Would Help Make NR An Actual Force To Be Reckoned With.

Despite These Substantial Upgrades To Our Lovely Little Anna, Major Counter Cards Still Exist And Remain Just As Powerful Against Her. The Reworked Anna, Lonesome On Board, Would Still Die To Pred Dives. Yrden, Gigni, CoC, Scorch Can Also Play Dividends Against Anna Decks.



ANNA STRENGER – Northern Realms.

Increase Provision Cost From 7 to 8. (GOLD)

Power Buffed From 4 to 7.

Gains Immunity. (At The Very Least – Veil – Though This Would Leave Vincent Players Licking Thy Lips).

New Ability – At End Of Allied Turn, Boost Unit To The Right By 2, If Inspired, Boost Adjacent Units By 2 Instead.


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