CDPR doesn’t communicate with us enough

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Yes, this is a rant, so I apologise in advance.

I always try to be in CDPR's corner, but the very carefree way they shape their communication with their customers is driving me nuts. It's the little things, first world problems really, that add up and paint quite ugly and depressing picture.

I assume Gwent has a team (person?) who's responsibility is to communicate, pass on informations and reach out to as many players as possible – so what are they doing?

Gwent is having a birthday – not even a simple splash screen or news banner in the game client. Tells us how important it is for the team and how excited about the celebration they are, I guess.

Last month's dev stream – we weren't even sure there will be a stream (or at what hour). People were waiting on reddit, streamers and their chats were getting restless and annoyed looking for information about it via private channels, devs private twitter accounts, discords etc. How do you expect people to get excited and tune in for something you have prepared (and I'm sure worked hard on) if you don't bother to announce it properly and leave community in the dark not even sure there would be a stream at all?

Gwent Open – we're a day before big tournament. You'd think CDPR would like to attract as many people to watch it as possible – after all, they spend money on it. No information in the game (again), no information on GOG or Steam. Why? Tournament is tomorrow! You don't care if people are going to tune in? Cause it kinda looks like it. [edit: I have relogged again and information about Gwent Open is in GOG client now, but still not in the game]

Shortening Journey – this is a big one. You made a deal with people – they gave you money knowing they had a certain amount of time to finish it, you can't just cut it without even bothering to INFORM them about it. what the hell CDPR. It does not matter if Journey is easy to finish or not. [update: Burza's stance on the issue at the end of the post]

Why there's no pop up when you log in to the game with important info (like shortening Journey time)? Warn your clients if some of your decisions may affect them negatively. I'm not asking about advanced communication. Just basics, low-cost, low-effort bare minimum really. Something is really wrong if you don't have resources (care, time, people, whatever) to even make banners in the game.

People shouldn't have to scour through employees twitter accounts, random discord messages or dig through reddit to find out about those things. You already have a tool to reach out to your customers. Your game client. Start to use it properly, please?

Thank you for reading, love you all, hope Gwent Open is going to be a blast.

final edit: information about Gwent Open was now added to the game client

final final edit:

From today's TWiG:

Q: why was the Journey time change not communicated with the community?

Burza: I don't think it needs to be communicated more in this case, it's only a couple of days. So yeah, if you're not on track with it, well… you better start moving full answer starts around 5:12


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