CDPR – Don’t release current Rience

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This is 1884th post about this on this subreddit, I know, but I STRONGLY urge the developers not to give NG Rience in his current state.

I won't spend any more time explaining why it's bad, because since the reveal everyone said that through and through. Instead, I'd like to point out something else – the overtuning of cards since the last two "mini-expansions".
First, the cards' texts are insanely long and the amount of abilities those cards have are too much. I am aware that they are vastly different cards in vastly different decks and factions etc. but compare Old Speartip to Eist – a simple No Ability 12 for 12 vs a Veteran, Bloodthirst, Counter, Deploy, Passive 3 for 11. I like that the game is getting more interesting cards but jesus, soon we will need a manual-monopoly-like cards for the new releases.

Second, how does that tie to Rience? Well, for a whopping 13 provisions, I'd say drop the deploy ability (no NG card WANTS to go to the graveyard anyway) and replace the Order ability with the Deploy one. Then make him like 10 provisions. No bullshit, just a big payoff to hyperthin, like Triss Merigold, but better.

That's just my 2 cents, for the future of Gwent, a game I enjoyed since Homecoming and slowly started losing interest in due to things like the above. Thanks for listening to my TEDtalk. You receive 7 scraps.


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