Ceb on EG and Arteezy and how he can go to the next level

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In a recent stream, Ceb talked about EG and Arteezy, and I think it is interesting what he said. A lot of Arteezy fans think Ceb is a harsh Arteezy critic/hater ever since the latters debut and up to today but I think he's made some fair points recently.


I can see glimpses of something that I guess EG is trying in the laning phase and stuff. It feels like they just lost to TSM because TSM was better, but I don't think that tells the story. EG are on their way to playing very well, but they need to improve in the midgame. Their post-laning phase is a bit weak. But the laning is good.


He's still stable. He's one of the best laners as far as I'm concerned. He was always one of the toughest carries to lane against. But I think he has a flawed vision of Dota. I don't understand how he plays sometimes. I disagree with how he plays a lot of the games. But if I had to name someone who can help him to get on the next level, it'd be JerAx. If he listens to him.

Arteezy has always been known as an incredible laner, both mid and safelane, but he does have an idea about how games should be played that has put him at odds with PPD. And I think it's interesting that Ceb thinks how RTZ sees dota isn't really effective at the moment. And we've all seen EG's playstyle over the years and while it has kept them consistent for long, it has never been enough to truly push them to the top.

As an EG fan, I do tend to agree with Ceb here. I think Arteezy and the team should reassess their playstyle, and it is nice to know that Ceb thinks Jerax might just be the person to help Arteezy…provided they develop mutual respect for one another.


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