ceos / sothis replacement

so i bought type 10 and it sucks to fly in sothis/ceos for missions,is there another place? can be also federation can be empire or alliance.

i plan couriers for quick rank pump in,then cargo for wings (my t10 has over 500 cargo so can do big hauls) and asp explorer for planetary scan jobs. .also gonna do station trading from A to B while doing couriers to build my rank. that type 10 would do sourcing missions aswell.

the tools i looked at does not tell what is where or im doing it wrong, no im not looking for assasianting,massacres just courier / cargo delivery for wings / sourcing goods / planetary scan jobs,with help of two random guys with cutter managed to help me delete the 20 anaconda problem (we killed total 120) then finally got the mining goods delivery done,took whole night but one billion achieved. nowi want move on and find another place to do missions.


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