Chads / Chadettes, what’s with the gear/kit level obsession

Hey fellow wannabe-escapees, been seing a lot of talk around here about (what I expect to be) Chads type players complaining about other players they fight being under-geared?

Like I get that hatcheling are no fun because they are not really participating in the game but what's up with hating on the mosslings and other rat/cheap type players?

If anything, it gives you an edge over fighting a fellow Chad, so it makes the game easier, especially now that Mosin's efficiency has been reduced by the hp bump (also fuck you Jaeger and your stupid quests).

I'm no Tarkov god meself but whenever I run into a player that is kitted less than I do, the outcome is pretty easy to foresee : they die and I don't.

Is it for the ru-ru? Like you make more money looting high value stuff.

What am I missing?


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