Chance against veterans / high end gearers ?


I am Lv 15 and I am stuck unfortunately in the game I feel. It wasn’t easy to reach that level either because of the manyof veterans and high-end equipment players. In vain, sometimes I have "luck" and I don't meet anyone other than scaves. Or I meet a single level / equipped player and then maybe I’ll come out of the firefight winning. But in most cases, I run into a person I don’t practically hurt or even notice where he shoots, I suddenly fall dead. I guess everyone here has been in a similar situation, how can we develop further from this point? Slowly all my money ran out, I can no longer buy new equipment for myself, the scav circles remain. I just don’t see any chance after such an encounter to get out of the raid victorious. Does anyone have any tips? (I don't usually run on the track, I try to move quietly, avoid more serious places, etc., etc.) Thanks to everyone who has read it and is trying to help with a few words / tips.

I wish everyone another nice day!


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