Change my View: Adar is Best Budget Gun (M855a1 with m995 in chamber +4 in mag)

I've been playing this game for a long while now, and I've always been going back and forth on what to use, but now I've settled on the Adar, for a few reasons. A lot of people will insist on either the PPSH, the Vepr hunter, the .366 ap guns, or ap20. I will make a case for the Adar, curious as to what you guys think though.

My adar build is simply a stock adar + variable scope of choice + cheap suppressor (optional). All you really need is stock adar + site though.

Adar vs. Vepr Hunter: Sure, I could upgrade to 7.62×51 and run m62 ammo. This was my staple for the majority of my Tarkov experience. I became frustrated with extremely inconsistent shots per kill, even on nakeds. I was hitting nakeds in the chest 5 times just to watch them run off like nothing happened, because of the glorious bug where arms stop damage from reaching the chest. I realized the only way to reliably kill something with semi auto is to go for headshots. So why bother with going for high flesh damage? By upgrading from adar to vepr hunter you get:

  1. Way more recoil
  2. Worse handling
  3. No suppressor (for now)
  4. Smaller mags
  5. Less insurance success (vepr hunter is half the size, almost double the value, so ppl take them more often)
  6. Higher cost
  7. Less modability
  8. Harder to obtain ammo (m62 requires more questing, costs twice as much, can only by 100 as opposed to 300 per reset)
  9. Higher flesh damage, better pen against level 5+ (which doesn't much matter for a headshot-based playstyle which I found myself graduating to because of the arm bug which I don't know if it will ever get fixed??

That's a lot to sacrifice for -1 shots to kill against chest if you don't hit arms! I found myself rarely getting 2 hit to kill against chest with this m62 ammo anyways, so I gave up this overkill caliber.


Adar vs. .366 AP: Same argument as above really, I never ended up getting those 90 damage one taps against the chest, so fuck it.

Adar vs. PPSH / Other cheap full auto flesh damage guns:

I don't really like doing flesh meta because of a few reasons:

  1. Can't snipe with this effectively.
  2. More time repacking mags / gotta bring more ammo cuz full auto.
  3. Can't kill armored players if they are behind cover and you can't hit their legs.
  4. I suck at handling full auto recoil.


Adar vs Ap20:

I haven't really given this ammo much of a chance tbh. I'd like to hear why you think a saiga / mp153 with ap20 is better than an adar topped with m995 and then 26 rounds of m855a1 in rest of the mag.


For me, the Adar is just a great all around all purpose gun. I can snipe with it, I can suppress it cheaply, I can add a scope right away, it comes back often in insurance, takes good cheap $2 per round ammo that's available in high quantity, and I can convert it to an m4 and upgrade parts as I earn money until I have eventually a meta m4. I sacrifice damage which is irrelevant again for headshots.


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