Change my view: The game shouldn’t be considered a hardcore survival game in it’s current form. With the flea market the way it is now, equipment is easier to come by in Tarkov than it is with Amazon same day delivery.

Not super survivally anymore, really. "Hardcore" in that the TTK is 0, sure, but really gear is infinitely replaceable and dying is mostly a minor inconvenience in that I have to reset my kits and sit through load screens, not something to actually care about.

Honestly, I like the potential the flea market provides for moving barter goods where they need to go, but I miss pre-flea Tarkov, where my kits were mostly "what I got" scrapped together from found loot and successful scav runs, with some trader equipment scattered in as I could afford it and it slowly became available.

I expect this to be downvoted, since most of the loud kids here are here for the "hardcore call of duty" experience, but I have really liked this game and needed to get it off my chest. I hope it's just a roadbump in the process of finishing the game; they call it a beta but it's really a public alpha.


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