Change playstyle to fit the meta? I can’t handle this much control…

witcher gwent cards

Well, I don't really want to make this post just to complain how bad the game is right now. The game isn't bad, it just doesn't fit my playstyle which is exhausting…

So my favourite decks are Passiflora, Firesworns, Nature's gift, thrive…. So in general I like the more engine oriented decks. But all of these decks are super weak at the moment. Maybe thrive is kind of competitive.

But yeah, I just hate the meta decks. Those NG hyperthin and mill decks, Jackpot (which is the most disgusting leader right now with unlimited point ceiling. Don't know why they destroyed this faction that much… ), Madoc decks LP with freakshow and drill and so on.

If you also like to play engine decks, what are you doing in this moment? Just play one of the meta decks even though you really hate the whole playstyle? I mean, I can't see the fun in spamming bombs or profit units. Or do you take a break from the game?

The problem is, that I can't see an end of this control oriented meta. Next week, we will see some new cards. But I'm sure they won't change a lot. I really love the game in general. But right now I don't have that much fun and I'm afraid I won't gain the fun back soon… What are you doing in such situations?


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