Change to Found in Raid Idea

What if, instead of having to survive a raid for a certain amount of time or gain a certain amount of xp, item spawns only gained the Foud in Raid status if you first looted them after 10 minutes (5 for factory) had elapsed in the raid?

In other words, if you pick up an item before 10 minutes pass in a raid then it cannot gain the FIR tag for you that raid.

This would significantly reduce the incentive to hatchet run and eliminate the race to pick up the best loot spawns. Instead, it would incentivize killing other players or finding loot, positioning around it, and defending it from other players until the items could be looted with FIR status, thus creating a more tactical experience.

In addition, it wouldn't really harm lower level players because you could still sprint to pick up items to use for yourself (e.g. for the hideout and crafting), you just couldn't sell them.

While this could negatively impact questing it could be resolved by changing quests to require items you looted, rather than items that were FIR.

There could be exceptions to this, such as items in containers will have FiR no matter when they're looted (so you could still do stash runs), but perhaps that's too complicated.

I can't think of any serious drawbacks to this but in light of Pestily's most recent State of Tarkov I thought I'd open this idea up to discussion.


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