Changes to supercruise?

Not sure what to put for flair, but…

I've kinda been on a thing about ftl travel and concepts for it, not just in the ED universe, but in most sci fi universes. It's definitely a cool idea of how it was tackled, especially using real-world scale, but I wonder…

What if witch space was the only form of light-speed jumping? So, if you hadn't discovered a system, it would just put you at the biggest signal, the main star or orbital body, and one you were in system you could jump directly to planets or signal sources after a quick scan. But if you had visited the system before, then you could go directly to a planet, or strong signal source.

Of course, this would pose problems, for example, if your destination is obstructed then you'll need to make 2 jumps to get to it, and also getting down to planets might take a bit.

While I'm at it, I'm going to make a suggestion for supercruise, since it should probably stay in the game. It can go from high-wake interstellar speeds down to only a couple hundred mph, but there's no significant change when you get beyond light speed, the current irl fastest possible speed of the universe.

I would suggest light to warp behind you once you go faster than it, because it can't catch up to you if you're going faster than it. Something along those lines…


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