Changing 1st part and adding some stuff

Cyan : " I was with my mother as a child. I was learning some tasks to do. Some mini crewmates stay at home some get with there perents to work. My 1st task to learn to do was prime shields. Here on the skeld there are really important. Second was card swipe. 3rd was wires. I don't know a lot about my father since he is on other mission in space. My father is green and my mother is orange. I only have family picture now in my wallet". Now we continue when I last left story . " 24 hours until getting home.I work for Mira for 6 months. Weirdest part about Skeld . No one died. You expect from Impostors to be agresive they aren't. Why ? That's really suspicious. There are only 24 hours until we are on my home planet. I don't know name when I get there they will tell me when I am there. I might see someone familiar. You never know. My mom is on space mission just like dad. Altest they tell me that about my perents. Our captain Red calls meeting. Why ? Bacause is our last day in Skeld for now. He said we should send message MiraHQ that we are
one day until we are there. So the name of base is Mira HQ. Captain give us our most likely last tasks on Skeld. We work 8 hours a day . Then we have free time". I am going to end it here for now.


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