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the witcher and ciri gwent

Hello again! Today on Weekend Lore Ramblings we are going to look at some scholars and people who worked with their mind rather than muscles in general. So, that's it for the introduction, now let's get this over with.

Nicodemus de Boot – famous ethicist and philosopher, the first rector of the Oxenfurt Academy, the author of a book "Medytacje o życiu, szczęściu i pomyślności" (it is cited at the beginning of "The Blood of the Elves" at the beggining of two chapters and it gives us an insight of what de Boot's views were – he states that intolerance and superstitions are an attribute of stupid people and it will last forever just as stupidity and, in the other fragment, he says that murder makes one a criminal, no matter the cause). His bust stands in the campus of the Oxenfurt academy, although students vandalized it by writing curse words on it and it fell over during the earthquake related to Lodge of Sorceresses destroying the Stygga Castle. Here is the custom card i made for him.

Professor Oppenhauser – an eccentric physics lecturer at the Oxenfurt Academy, he invented perpetuum mobile (although he called it differently, in the original it's "wieczyste ruchadło", which is kind of a sexual innuendo, but I don't know how it was translated in the English version), but the machine stopped working after the earthquake that I mentioned above, never to be working again. His name is a reference to prof. Robert Oppenheimer, a head of the team involved in the Manhattan Project.

Linus Pitt – master bachelor, a natural history lecturer at the Oxenfurt Academy. He was on the boat to Oxenfurt with Geralt when Temerian special forces tried to arest the Withcer and the Lopustre attacked. You can learn more about it in this post.

Roderick de Novembre – famous historian, the author of the book "The History of the World" ("Historia Świata") – in which, for example he describes the death of Bloody Falka. Geralt reads it when Jaskier visits him in the Melitele Temple in Ellander, where he was healing after his fight with the Temerian Striga. Jaskier calls de Novembre "an old fuck" and says that the only statement in his book that he can agree with is that the world changes (although he liked the book, because it was big enough to be able to cut a hole inside it that would fit a bottle of vodka).

Jarre – an orphan from Ellander in Temeria, brought up in the Melitele Temple, where he recieved education. While still at the temple, he begun to work as a scribe in a town court. When Ciri was brought to the Temple by Geralt and Triss he was 16. Nenneke didn't want girl novices to be around him (despite celibate not being a thing among Melitele priestesses), yet girls wanted to get close to him as he was the only male in the temple. Ciri found that odd considering he was the complete opposite of what someone would consider attractive – he was skinny and clumsy, had greasy hair, skimpy stubble and wore clothes stained with dust and ink, Jarre had a crush on Ciri – when he showed her his books, he smelled her hair (also she found erotic drawings between the pages of those books), and once he kissed her without her consent (also he had wet dreams starring Triss Merigold). Years later on the night of the autumn equinox, he (along with Triss and Nenneke) had a dream that Ciri is in grave danger. Later, he volunteered to fight in the Battle of Brenna in Temerian Army. He was assigned to Poor Fucking Infantry – a formation for untrained volunteer soldiers along with his former bully, Melfi, who was killed in the battle. (Before he reached the camp he bought a box-necklace-thingy (idk the word for it) with Ciri's name). He survived the battle, but lost a hand, then he met a village girl named Lucienne who was helping injured veterans. He fell in love with her, because she was the only one to treat him normally despite his disability and ended up marrying her. He became a historian and lived to an old age (He wrote the chronicles of the Battle of Brenna/The Second Northern War). His granddaughter was named Ciri.

Milo Vanderbeck "Rusty" – a halfling medic, a field surgeon during the battle of Brenna, where he was aided by Shani, Iola the Second and a sorceress, Marti Sodergren (he found it odd that all of them were red-haired). His advise to Shani was "saw red to red, white to white and yellow to yellow and everything will be alright", but he also examined her knowledge during the surgeries. While they were operaiting, the field hospital was attacked by Yeavinn's Scoia'tael, but when they saw that they also were helping the Nilgaardians, they left. (Ciri's distant relative Daniel Etcheverry was operated by them as well as Coën, the witcher, but the latter of them died during the surgery). Rusty and Iola died 1 year after the battle when they were helping people with Catriona in Maribor. They both got the disease and die from it.


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