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Hi there everyone. Today's post as oppose to the previous WLR will focus solely on characters that we meet only in the games by CDPR. The Witcher games introduced a fair share of new characters to Sapkowski's universe and many of them ended up in Gwent before many major characters from the source material. Yet, there are still some interesting ones that still await their appearance into Gwent. So, that's the introduction done and dusted, let's get into it.

The Reverend (Wielebny) a priest of the Church of Eternal Fire (Kościół Wiecznego Ognia), and an informal leader of the community of the Outsirts of Wyzima (Podgrodzie), a main character in the 1st Act of the game, he offers Geralt that he'll give him the letter of self-conduct required to enter the city if he helps three leaders of the local community – city guard Mikul, land holder Odo and havekar Haren Brogg, he also asks the witcher to light up the shrines around the Outskirts that will protect people from barghests. At the end of the 1st act, the priest and his followers gather to lynch the local witch, Abigail, whom he accuses of causing the attack of the Beast. She claims that they themselves caused it with their sins and the Reverend also wasn't without blame as he kicked his pregnant daughter out the house years ago. Geralt can choose wich side to take – if he agrees with the mob, Abigail will be killed and they will help the witcher with his fight against the Beast and afterwards, the priest will give Geralt the letter of self-conduct, if Geralt opposes them, Abigail will live and she will help him with the Beast – that way the mob will fight Geralt and after defeating the Beast, he will be forced to fight Wielebny as well, killing him as a result. Before that sequence we learn from Alvin that Wielebny sells children to Salamandra (we can confront him about it after defeating the beast if we sided with the mob).

Carmen, real name Hela – a prostitute from Monastic Wyzima (Wyzima Klasztorna), the owner of "the Willing Tights" (Chętne Uda) brothel. She is the daughter of Wielebny/the Reverend as she tells us that her father was a priest and kicked her out of the house (also, she was pregnant with Mikul, after he allegedly raped her). She became the lover of Vincent Meiss, the captain of the city guard and found out about him being a werewolf. She can give Geralt a quest of finding a cure for Vincent's lycantropy, wich at the end turns out to be their love.

Declan Leeuwarden – a Nilfgaardian merchant, a relative of Berengar Leeuwarden (more about him here). We meet him on the outskirts and he gives us the quest of finding a burial place for his deceased friend. He's an emissary for either the Empire or the Guild of Merchants. We can buy one of the sephiras needed in the quest with the misterious tower on the swamps from him. He is also one of the suspects in Geralt's Salamandra invertigation. In the 3rd act he is the host of parties happening on the upper floor of the New Narakort tavern – he provides help in Geralt attempts to find the Salamandra hideouts and later tells him to find an ally in his fight against the organization.

Adalbert – a Nilfgaardian mage from the Witcher 2. He along Cynthia tries to explore the caverns underneath Loc Muine. He works for the imperial intelligence, where one of his tasks was to oversee the interrogations/tortures. He didn't want Geralt to take his part of the loot.

Khagmar – a higher vampire mentioned in The Blood and Wine DLC. He was exceptionally bloodthirst, which caused humans to hunt down vampires with witchers and mages. Other vampires decided to punish him by locking him in a silver cage in Tesham Mutna and then drain the blood from people and monters, causing him to be in the state of constatnt fury. That cage was later used by Geralt to get Regis' blood needed for a decoction that would let the witcher see Detlafff's memories.


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