Characters that deserve cards #3 – Weekend Lore Ramblings

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Wrapping up our second week on this series, this time we're back with some characters that deserve to have their cards in the game. This time, we'll focus on spies and diplomats, because… because, why not? Without further to do, lets begin with the list.

Ori Reuven, full name Oribasius Giafranco Paolo Reuven – the right hand of the head of Redanian intelligence, Sigismund Dijkstra. He was described as an old man with chronically runny nose and cough. He dressed in a proffesor's gown, that looked like it wasn't given by the university, but rather found on a garbage dump. He wrote Dijkstra's letters and adviced him in confidential matters. He had sharp memory despite his age and the fact that he used the term "it seems to me" rather than "i'm certain" a lot. When the assassins came for Dijkstra, he reffered to him as his brother, yet there isn't any other evidence of them being related (Dijkstra also was using his surname while fleeing to Zerrikania). The assassins didn't found Dijkstra, but they didn't kill Ori. Instead he was held in several prisons for 6 years. He died 1 year after being released because of his health condition. In the Witcher 1 (Wiedźmin 1) he appears as a shoeshine in Wyzima. He wrote a book "Ludzie z cienia, czyli historia tajnych służb królewskich" about the history of Redanian intelligence.

Jan Lennep – Dijkstra's subordinate, he pinned the whereabouts of Geralt for him. He was portrayed as a bit of lickspittle towards his boss, but was fairly loyal to him. His greed caused him to be arrested and sent to Drakenborg after the Treaty of Cintra was signed for corruption and stealing. His last words before his execution were: "Tell mister Dijkstra that I regret" ("Powiedzcie panu Dijkstrze, że żałuję").

Kobus de Ruyter – a count and a Redanian ambassador in Kovir. He was a skilled diplomat. He accompanied Dijkstra on his trip to Lan Exeter. He, as well as the most of the Redanian aristocracy, hated Dijkstra, but didn't show it. He was resentful that they sent the head of the intelligence to negotiate with King Esterad instead of him. He was the count in the 9th generation, all of his predecessors were killed in battle. He commanded Redanian Royal Corps (Redański Korpus Królewski) in the battle of Brenna, where he was killed.

Jan Struycken – a subordinate of the head of Nilfgaardian intelligence, Vattier de Rideaux. He was sent to capture Isengim Faolitiarna, who was suspected of helping the traitor Cahir aep Ceallach and take him to the Nastrog castle in Verden. The elf tied him and threaten to torture him by smearing his face with maple syrup and putting it in the anthill full of fireants, which led to him confessing his identity and his objective. Isengrim freed him, sent him back to Vattier and told him to explain to his boss that he isn't a traitor.

Berengar Leuwaarden – a member of the Guild of Merchants (Kompania Handlowa), the most influential organization in Nilfgaard. Possibly the head of the Guild. He took part in the conspiracy targetted against Emperor Emhyr var Emreis along with Joachim de Wett, Stefan Skellen, Count Broinne and Ardal aep Dahy, which was to overthrow the emperor and replace him with young Moorvran Voorhis. He joined the conspiracy in order to end the war that hurt Nilfgaard's economy, but he revealed the conspiracy to Emhyr after being offered the position of a special imperial envoy during the deliberations preceding the signing of the Treaty of Cintra, which meant that he would be the enforcer of the Empire's will and could influence the peace act for the benefit of the Guild. During the deliberations he introduced Ambassador Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen into the Guild. He told him that he believes that, while emperors live and die, the Guild is eternal. From his description, we know that he had eyes black as coals, had a habit of dragging syllables and rocking the wine cup.

Torque – a silvan living in Dol Blathanna. Geralt was hired to scare him off and make him go away by the villagers. Despite the locals seen him as a jester who ate their cabbage and shat in their wells, he was actually a spy for local elves led by Filavandrel aén Fidháil who was stealing vegetables from the villagers and learning the secrets of farming for elves to let them survive. After Filavandrel and Toruviel captured Geralt and Jaskier and wanted to kill them, he interceded for them. Despite his appearence, he was pretty smart, he spoke both the common language and the elder speech and he knew some dwarven sayings (especially a curse word "duvvelsheyss").


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