Civilian Flea Market Is a Good Idea

Jessekazam brought up this idea in his latest video (I saw him coin the phrase "Civilian Flea Market"), and I think it's pretty clever and at least worth trying out for one wipe. Essentially, no guns, ammo, or armor is sold on the flea market, meaning you can only buy or trade those items from dealers, or find it in raid. Barter items, attachments, medical, and provisions are still sold on flea market as usual.

This change favors good game sense, closely reflects the survival theme of Tarkov, and makes what gear you bring into a raid (and your plan with that gear) much more intentional. Tasks, what dealers offer, and loot spawns would need to change to accommodate this, but hopefully not by much. Here are some of the ways I think this would improve gameplay experience:

  • Adds more variety to gameplay and makes equipment more intentional. Players will have to mostly use what what guns and ammo they find in raid and this will change players' tactics and planning. How you move through a map and interact with players/npc's change whether you have a rifle, AK, pistol, or shotgun. This also means players will need to learn how to use this greater variety of weapons and ammo to increase their odds of survival.
    • New players are also incentivized to USE the cool ammo and armor they find/craft than sell it. It will actually help players break their gear fear.
  • Now that barter items are more valuable, players will be hitting a wider array of loot spawns and would create new places for PMC interaction.
  • Makes PVP more intense. Accumulating high-tier gear would take longer and make it more valuable, adding greater tension to PVP fights. This also makes PVP more rewarding since other players engaging in PVP will also have good gear.
  • Fits better into the world and theme of the game. Sifting through the ruins of a wasted Russian city for scraps to buy yourself some bullets or medicine feels closer to survival experience Tarkov is meant to portray.

Personally, I enjoy Tarkov for the tension and atmosphere. This change is elegant b/c it drastically changes the gameplay loop: it's more hardcore, fair for new players who won't have to run into chads as often, and it advantages players who play this game more as they'll have more gear and better game sense.

EDIT: I wrote that this would "[fix] the economy" but I personally don't think there's anything wrong with the economy. I just like the scrappier playstyle this could foster.


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