Clarification on laser pointers and point shooting in .12

I couldn't find an up-to-date answer on this so I tested it myself. For anyone curious as to whether or not laser pointers affect your point shooting, they do, and it's pretty noticeable, specifically the bullet grouping becomes tighter. The interesting thing is that, as far as Tarkov is concerned, literally any laser/flashlight attachment that is turned on gives you the same bonus to hipfire spread. Yup, that means turning on your X400 flashlight gives you the same bonus as toggling the laser. This also applies to the "IR Searchlight" on the LS321 and the PEQ-15. The LAS/TAC 2 flashlight was also tested and produced the same results. None of the attachments seemed any better or worse than the others – they all improved the spread by the same amount.

This means the IR Searchlight is a risk-free way of improving your hipfire spread without revealing your position via laser or flashlight, especially if you don't need the illumination of a normal flashlight or the visual aid of a laser device.

Hopefully this is useful to you. I know I'll be running tactical devices more often now.


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