Clog is horrible game design

gerald witcher3 gwent

I have been running into a lot of clog recently as I try to experiment with the new cards. I have a lot of thoughts about this. First off, opponent deck manipulation is just bad game design. Period. There is no way to justify having this mechanic in the game, let alone remotely competitive. It just does not make sense to have a deck built around hoping that your opponent didn’t draw his win cons or tutors. It is impossible to counter. Or rather, it is impossible to counter in game. You’ve either drawn your cards or you haven’t. All of this leads to the second point: I really don’t understand players who like clog. It is more brain dead than lippy or viy, not at all fun to play against win or lose, and cannot possibly be fun to play. They just released a bunch of fun new cards, stop getting your fun by stopping people from drawing their cards. It is exactly as unhealthy and unfun as mill, but CDPR seems determined to allow it even though that fucking archetype alone makes me rethink devotion.

To;dr Clog is a very very dumb mechanic and needs to go completely, along with mill. I don’t care care how ducking weak it is. Go build a meme deck if you want non competitive fun.


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