Close air support HAS to be included in oddessy.

By the addition of CAS, the nature of battles could be changed from simple battles, to actual war.
Think about it with cas being called in if its against another player faction, they could call in their own CAS, then the fighters get involved trying to stop the other sides ships, then add in supply missions for traders, make them carry supplies to these battles and have people deliever things like armored SRVs and tankified SRVs. Then pirates get a neiche, being able to disrupt these supplylines, either stealing the enemy supplies or just simply selling them. which make escorts a valuable mission and something youd see, include passanger liners and the whole fps side fits in so well into the elite dangerous universe its like it was always there. Elite is about 1:1 space right, so why not super accurate battles too?

theres my 2 cent, id give a nickle but im poor.


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