CMDRs! How “Dangerously” do you fly? (I’m 2%)

o7 CMDRs!

I was wondering how "Dangerous"-ly everyone flies,

I figured rebuys divided by time should be a perfect metric to judge this!

So, I have 20 rebuys, and 1165 hours in game according to Steam.

( 20 / 1165 ) X 100 = 1.72%

So i fly about 2% dangerously! I guess I'm as careful as I thought, but do we have any 0%ers or 1%ers out there? Any 50%ers?!

Post your metric!

Edit: shouldn't have rounded off my number lol.

Edit 2: okay, so I shouldn't have presented the ratio as a percentage. Let's go ahead and keep the x100 though, so 1.72 is my number.

Edit 3: As a couple of astute and precise CMDRs have pointed out, the metric I'm actually measuring is rebuys per 100 hours. So we have a new unit of measure thanks to r/CosmicCreeperz: A 'danger pilot' or dp for short

1 rebuy per 100 hours = 1 dp

I have a dp of 1.72 which is 1 rebuy every 172 hours.

What's yours?

Edit 4: highest so far is r/CMDR_sanderling with a 78.3dp! (4968/6344)x100


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