collectables quests

does anyone else run into the issue of bad luck in finding the collect x amount of y quests? because ive played for a handful of wipes and i more often than not end up running into the same problem where im locked out of doing the objective based quests until i finish these RNG based collection quests. that feels really bad. like i want to be playing the game and questing but theres these road block quests that just seemingly end up stacking up until you hit that point where you just CANT progress your quest line until you find those items. i feel like these quests would be better suited at the end of quest lines when the objectives are already over with or if they were more staggered through out the quest lines so that they wouldnt bunch up so much.

idk what do you guys think? does anyone else relate to this? for me personally, it makes it harder to motivate myself to play when i know that rng ultimately decides if i can progress or not for that raid. especially when space is limited. without EOD id be in trouble


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