Collecting every rare commodity at once, looking for advice

I've come up with a rather silly goal, to collect every single rare commodity in one cargo hold at the same time. I have however, identified a few hurdles already, and am looking for some input. First and foremost, the ship obviously has to be able to fit everything. This means it has to be capable of holding at least 148 units of cargo. In terms of specific problem items, the most obvious is Jaques Queintian Still, which requires a flight out to Colonia and back. The ship also has to be a competent smuggler, do to the large amount of illicit cargo that must be transported, including but not limited to slaves, narcotics, legal drugs, alcohol and weapons.

So, the ship has to have:
1. A cargo hold capable of holding at least 148 units of cargo
2. Reasonably large jump radius to fly out to Colonia and back
3. The ability to smuggle large amounts of illicit cargo

These factors combined make choosing the right tool for the job very difficult. I am currently leaning towards using my Anaconda for the job, but am open to other ideas. There are also other minor annoyances on the way, such as flying out to Hutton Orbital, and gathering a few faction system permits. While on the subject, any warnings on other potentially annoying or difficult rare commodities would be appreciated. Thanks!


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