Collector’s cache unique chance

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Hi, well Dota 2 have a lot of years of history and the collector's cache too, but sometimes it's very sad for the new players or even the old players that couldn't get a specific set because they didn't played the game yet. Soo if Valve make available for us to buy ONLY 1 set from a collector's of our choice, set impossible to sell or trade just give the chance to everybody to take his or her favorite item of the game. I'm saying this because something really annoying happened when I just back to the game in 2016. I loved the PA creeping shadow set and I would bought the item but a friend of mine who used to play Dota at the time said that I shouldn't pay the Compendium and the treasure just to take the set cause they would be available next year, and I believe that something like 1 week the compendium was over. Well later I discovered that the collector's items are impossible to get after the ti. I know a lot of people may discord but 1 basic set of I don't know maybe 150 that exist will not make a big difference to who already have but can be very very nice for who wants to enjoy the game with the best item of his favorite hero. Could be an nostalgic event for the new players learn about the ti and to have some connection with the tournament. What you think.


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