Coming back to do some mining after a hiatus made me sad.

I want to make it clear out the gate this isnt a gripe post.

I took a bit of a hiatus to play other games for a while and i decided to come back and finish my empire grind with the burning stations (thanks NMLA?)

I got myself to Duke and decided to go out mining with my conda to buff my cash in prep for buying a Cutter.

I remembered my limpets and went out mining Painite and was chatting happily with friends on discord while casually mining.

A full cargo hold later (approx 300tons) I go and sell at the closest station suggested by EDtools. (i didnt look at the price just the destination)

My sadness comes from how the sell price of painite has dropped in these last few months.

So friends, I would like to know, whats the new best way to get creds in Elite? as I know buying a Cutter is a massive money hole and i still will need enough for rebuy (never fly without it)


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