Comms Sabotage mystery?

Something I've noticed that recently began to puzzle me when someone sabotaged Communications on the Skeld. As you know, you try to adjust the dial to match the radio frequency on the left. When you are close to getting it matched, you will hear a man's voice coming over from the "radio" and it will continue on a loop. When I listened to it closely, you could actually make out some words and it's surprisingly not just gibberish.

An actual sentence I could make out during this was:

"216 [???] bound north. Turn 70 degrees east. Copy that, four by four to the east side. Come in [???], come in…" followed by more unintelligible words.

Knowing Innersloth and the many easter eggs within their games, is there some more to this or is it just words jumbled together? Can anyone decode this further?

ALSO just before posting this I thought about there being an easier way to recreate this instead of going into Freeplay mode and sabotaging comms. I found the audio file which is connected to the sabotage. It is titled "radio_01". I will attach it below

Link to file


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