Community corcern of new update 🤡 – please, if anyone has any news comment here! ✍🏻

Valheim – Quick Tips to Start

So I bought valheim on the week it launched. I got so hyped of this game, and its genuinely top 10 games i've ever played. Its so fun! ❤️

But I've noticed something at their instagram, now 6 months later. Everytime they release a new instagram post, the community goes crazy commenting about new update, when there's no one asking about updates, they answer all comments, when there's someone asking they dont answer any comment, and just ignore the questions.It really looks like they are trying to cover something up. So i've decided to create this post here for us to get somethings straight from the community, to the community:

1- They said, after 3mi sells, that are trying to hire more personal for speeding up the updates. But they said it 5 months ago. How its going hiring more ppl? They hired someone else? They said something about it at reddit or steam? 😿

2- It makes sense that they removed their entire roadmap for paying more attention at little bugs. I get it. But now, wheres the new roadmap?? They said they are going to released it soon, but it was 1 month ago. 🤡

3- when the first update is coming out? They already seem to have everything ready.. anyone knows if its going out the next month or something like that? They've released the estimated date of release?👀

Feel free to add more questions at the comments!!

The reason im doing this post is for the community to help itself at sum up all the infos we have about valheim updates and development. Please, if you know something comment!✍🏻


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