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Hey all,

I've seen discussions of Vaheim's (amazing) music before, but if you, like me, have hundreds of hours in the game, sometimes the single-track-per-biome gets a bit….. stale. So I'm curious:

What do y'all listen to while you play?

Lately i've really been enjoying Jami Seiber's music (some may be familiar as they were featured on the Braid soundtrack). For late night relaxing build sessions, I really like Stars of The Lid, and for more pastoral meadows feel, the OST to the anime Ancient Magus Bride really hits the spot.

I'd love to maybe curate a public spotify playlist or something in the near future of largely instrumental/ambient music that fits the "feel" of the game (i know that's subjective). If people seem interested and i get enough suggestions (in addition to my own additions), i'll get on it!



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