Comparing the Bronze Witchers – which faction has the stronger offerings?

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

I've been interested in comparing the Witcher packages when it comes to all-in decks for SK, NR, ST and NG, and whilst all are viable, it's interesting to see where the strengths and weaknesses of the packages lie. For this, I'd love the opinion and commentary of the community specifically on the four Bronze Witcher offerings for each faction – namely the Witcher, Adept, Mentor, and Specialist for the Vipers, Griffins, Bears and Cats.

Specifically, I'd love to look at comparative rankings for each offering as they each sit at a similar provision value. Alongside any other opinions you'd like to share, I'd be grateful if you could rank within each "class" of card which faction, in your opinion, has the strongest through to the weakest offering.

I know absolute objectivity is hard to come by and a lot of people value different playstyles, which is why this idea and collating some of the information together is interesting to me.

Thanks in advance!


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