Complaining about me running a teddy build isn’t going to stop me from running a teddy build.

For reference, I run a teddy build which allows my teddy to be up 24/7. I use it in 99% of missions.

Since vbuck missions are in overdrive today I thought I'd play them all in pubs. I've gone through 2 missions & in my 3rd, and I've had 2 complaints about me using a teddy. The 2 complaints are "lazy afk" & "I can't play the game with you killing everything" which while valid still won't stop me.

All a mf has to do is nicely ask me to stop, or give me a reason like "my daily asks me to get kills with X weapon" or of the sorts.

I'm playing pubs since most people put in minimal effort besides finding the obj, which I hate doing solo with atlas/rtl missions. I also put in said minimal effort, so why not just have people put in 0 effort while i literally click 3 buttons every ~35 seconds to put out a new teddy? They can go farm, or just ask for all I care. It's a pl28 mission lmao, anything under pl100 i literally could care less at this point.


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