Complete the “collection book “is it really possible or is it just an impossible dream?


Gradually I complete my collection book in Save the World, a strong doubt arises!

It will really be possible to complete the "collection

book "or will it just be an impossible dream?

Chiumque has not had the good fortune to take part in the game from the first moment, he will arrive at a point in the game where he will want to put his hand to the "collection book", both to complete the collection and for the prizes he gives us during its completion.

However you want to proceed, there are heroes that it is impossible to recruit, other heroes that have been paid and that today it is no longer possible to have.

Epic Game or whoever else can answer this question?

Otherwise it will be useless any effort necessary to complete the collection of characters, weapons, traps, etc. and each of us knows that to do this it takes at least 3 years of intense play.

Your every answer will be useful to get me an idea about it.



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