Completed Twine SSD 8 and 1 of the pub players said my traps are too low. Turns out that some are level 77 only.

I came back to this game after a 2-year break. Lots of new things to catch up on, including that weekly 160 mission that gives superchargers, which requires you to complete Twine SSD 10 to unlock the mission.

So I go to my SSD and start building. I've already completed SSD 5 previously, so I didn't really need to build a lot of new trap tunnels. For context, my tunnels were designed based on David Dean's days (ie. ceiling gas, wall dynamo, time-out rooms), I didn't know about the trap rerwork/rebalance patch until recently.

I knew my build was not sufficient for solos, so I enabled help from the public. To my surprise, my trap tunnels still did 80-90% of the work (Pit Amp was the only one that required a lot of shooting).

Feeling slightly proud, I asked the pub group, "How's my trap tunnel?"

"Okay, but traps are too low" — responded 1 guy.

"SSD 9 and 10 are really difficult though, you need to build more."


After the mission, I went back to the drawing board to build more and place some new traps (ie. tires, electric fields, broadside, etc). In the process, I discovered that most of my traps were only PL 77 ish. And some are purple/epic. For some reason, I just assumed they were at PL106.

So question:

  • Are 130 traps really necessary for SSD 10?
  • Most of my traps are purple/blue perks, I don't have a lot of legendary perk upgrades and I'm trying to save them for my next MSK drop. I see people with max-perked 130 traps. I really think it's overkill (imo you only need those for PL160 missions)


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